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  • Learn how to create a custom camera on iOS

    Learn how to create a custom camera on iOS

    It’s no secret. Given the popularity of the iPhone camera, people love camera apps on iOS and developers love building them. You may be itching to learn how to build a custom camera due to a fancy idea you’ve thought of. The default camera controller provided by Apple can only take you so far and […]

  • Ryan Asks, “Should I Learn Swift or Objective-C?”

    Today we review a question that is a common concern among beginners thinking about mobile applications. Beginners are now faced with an immediate decision to make before they can even begin worrying about how they can build an application. That decision will have an undeniable impact on the progress they make that will persist for […]

  • A smooth introduction to UIVisualEffectView

    A smooth introduction to UIVisualEffectView

    We’re going to be exploring an example for a common user interface trait of iOS applications these days–blurred views with UIVisualEffectView. This technical overview is actually going to end up being light on code given that Apple has made this much easier to implement in iOS 7, but it’s still an extremely valuable tool to […]